I was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the little town of Newberry, home of the state mental hospital. (I can't believe I admitted being born north of the MJason Dixon line. Please don't tell) Born with a purse and lipstick in one hand and pen in the other I was also born with a very vivid imagination and the need to write. I moved to Florida with my family in 1959 and consider myself a Southerner, reveling in all the quirks, Bubbas, bar-b-ques, and seafood of Southern life. I travel extensively talking to anyone who has the misfortune of finding themselves seated, walking or otherwise beside me.

In the second grade,I wrote my first official story using the spelling words for the week. The story revolved around mice that lived in the walls of my home, drank too much, and partied into the night.Though counseling was suggested, I avoided that path and instead chose to continue writing.

I consume books rather than read them. I love to read anything by Jill Connor Brown – The Sweet Potato Queen, Robert Fulghum, Celia Rivenbark, any female humor writer, Susan Elizabeth Phillips and even Kathleen Woodiwiss.

In 1992 I was diagnosed with lupus, a life-long chronic illness. At the time I was working as a Network Engineer.

In 2002 my illness forced me to leave that profession and redirect my life.

In 2003 I became the Executive Director of The Lupus Support Network and now travel educating others about lupus. Instead of giving up and focusing on the tragedy of the illness, I began seeing the humor in life and now write about what I see and share it with others. My two sons,three grandsons, and granddaughter are the joys of my life. I am currently working on three different books of short humorous pieces about life, especially mine. ‘I do some of the craziest things by accident and freely confess them in my writing.’

Life is the most interesting topic for any story. I find humor everywhere I go. I enjoy life, learning and sharing my stories and adventures with others.

Wanda M. Argersinger

My Books

EB and The Women Of The Bird

Mar 13, 2012
By Wanda M. Argersinger & Jody Worsham.

The story of how one huge Great Blue Heron decoy brought together six writers at The Erma Bombeck Writer's Conference and became the hit of the conference spawning questions such as, "Are you the lady with the bird?", "What's his name?", "That's a pelican, right?" and other profundities. For the next 3 conferences, the bird, now rightfully named EB, continues to spark interest and hold together a band of writing ladies. This is his/their story.

The Education of Joe Willy

Dec 9, 2013
By Wanda M. Argersinger & Clay Mercer.

The Education of Joe-Willy tells the compelling tale of two strangers brought together by chance and the ever present connectivity of the internet. Joe Williams is an introverted, hard-working young man yearning to better himself and break free of his small town past. This leads him to enroll in online collegiate classes and quit his job driving a log truck. Cindy Clarke is Joe’s online advisor. Her vivacious personality and genuine desire to help other people help them-selves spells a recipe for disaster when Joe is assigned to Cindy’s student load. As Joe’s infatuation with his advisor transforms into obsession, Cindy Clarke remains only dimly aware of Joe as a person and possibly provides the spark that leads them both to the impelling, unavoidable climax.

Kin We're Not Related To: As Told by Mabel and MayBelle

Jun 30, 2014
By Wanda M. Argersinger & Jody Worsham.

What happens when one wannabe writer connects with a woman who thinks she can do anything? Together they create the craziest, wildest, family yet to be captured on the pages of a book. Join Jody and Wanda and they take you along with the Johnson twins and the entire family. Mabel and MayBelle should be twins, but they were born ten years apart. That doesn't stop the battle between them when one leaves home to find work and the other is left with custody of the family. Add in a 50th wedding anniversary/vowel renewal, the family reunion, and the local Swamp Festival and you have the makings for a country size screw up.

Bare Elements - Stories of Women of the South

Jan 22, 2013
By Wanda M. Argersinger & R C White & Lottie Boggan.

Redemption Ridge: The Claymore family has been shamed and tormented since the Confederate surrender at Redemption Ridge. Shamed by the actions of Captain Bruce Claymore and tormented by the jewels last seen in his traitorous hands. The entire family longs for redemption as well as for the priceless jewels lost during the war. With familial relationships in shambles, only Vernenell, the longtime houskeeper, still believes in the human spirit and keeps the family together. The Claymore story offers hope for all of us. Thanks to Vernell's courage, this family can finally break the bonds of bigotry and ignorance and move forward. Intrigue, pain, love, and laughter make this a story for all ages. It is truly a story of redemption. Waves: As an antiquarian bookseller, Anna has traveled the world, always returning to her beloved Gulf Coast. But when her aunt reveals a shocking family secret, Anna begins a journey through her own past and an identity she had never known. Returning to Hawaii, the newly discovered place of her birth, Anna encounters a strange child who will lead her through the labyrinth of her past and toward a better understanding of the interconnectedness of the human spirit and her place in it. Beyond the Fires: Dr. Delilah Mason has been searching for something all her life. Becoming a physician gives her the prestige she had sought, and it takes her away from Tangle Bay. Still, she is searching, and she accepts a job at Jessing Prison. But when a frightening incident happens to her there, she runs again, to home and safety. Back in Tangle Bay, she becomes the health care advocate for the town's poor and confronts physician after physician, leading to multiple arrests. Likewise, each time, a handsome stranger named Beaux comes to bail her out, increasing her curiosity about him and his illogical interest in her well being. Through the fires of friendship and led by spirits of the past, Delilah finally learns who she is and why she has returned to the one place she had vowed to leave forever. The Fifth Mass: For Joelle Dane, the new job in Mobile seems a dream come true, and the historic house on Washington Square merely icing on the cake. However, a single night in the old house changes everything. When a painting from the house reappears time after time, Joelle begins to doubt her own sanity. To find out more about the painting's subject, she delves into the city's history, and the more she learns, the more she is drawn into a plan. By recognizing a group who had suffered there in the past, she can bring reconciliation and peace to the present.

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